During his two months residency in HALLE 14 Ján Gašparovič explores four elements of an invisible physical world. In first of those, samples of microorganisms are taken from different people’s hands and also spots during few weeks in Leipzig and then placed in a serie of Petri dishes. These microorganisms that are constantly present on our skin become later visible through a set of microlandscapes formed by blight and fungi. The second invisible element of his work is an electrosmog. Few boxes create shelters from our modern paranoia of any kind of electric radiation. At the same time this radiation is being recalled by a special measuring device in the space around the boxes and the video shows a process of a search for this electric radiation. The functional objects of these electrosmogfree boxes is further commented by a non-functional canvas covered by the same paint, which visually reminds of few works by the modern art masters. The third element is a temperature which forms a thin line between two states of a matter. Metal Gallium has got a very low melting point and therefore nicely illustrates the process of a matter transition. Last element is a gravitation. In a work of Ján Gašparovič an experiment held in International Space Station is repeated in the natural condition of earth’s gravitation field. The experiment showed that the growing of crystals of a specific chemical compound is dependent on the gravitation and can not happen in the space. The show Ungraspable points at all these elements, which can be just indirectly proven by simple experiments on the line between art and science.
txt: Katarína Gatialová

supported by: Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic, Košice Artist in Residence Program (K.A.I.R. 2015), HALLE 14 - Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst Leipzig